Jewelry Care Tips

With a little care and maintenance, your Divinia jewels will remain as stunning as they look the day you receive them. To protect and prolong the beauty of your pieces, I recommend using the muslin bag they arrive in to transport them whenever you travel.


Polymer clay is durable and lightweight, but still needs to be handled gently. Avoid getting earrings wet by showering or swimming in them. Avoid leaving clay in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Store in a cool dark place. Gently wash with soap and water if clay becomes dirty.


Over time, brass jewelry will become dull or tarnish a bit. This is due to the metal getting wet through perspiration, humidity, etc. All Divinia pieces that are made of brass or other metals come with a small polishing cloth. This works great to shine up pieces the first 2 or 3 times they get dull. After that, use an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste to clean up your brass. Once the pieces are scrubbed, gently rinse them off and dry them off completely with a soft cloth.


To maintain the integrity of your tassels and other textiles, always store your jewelry in an upright hanging position. If your tassels get a little misshapen, usually they can be reshaped with your fingers. If they get very bent, get them damp and lay them on a flat surface to dry. This will bring them back to their original shape.

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